Portfolio Programming

As a music student many of my programming projects are music inspired or audio based.

2019: Wild West Compressed

During my internship semester I was part of the project Wild West Compressed at the Animationsinstitut of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

I made the game together with another student from the Filmakademie, Timo Müssig. We developed the idea and the game Mechanics together. Aside from that I was responsible for the level setup, the menu and level transitions, audio programming and sound design, the basis of the gyroscope input, the in-game cutscenes and most of the testing.

2018: Lost in Space

I created Lost in Space as an interactive music video for a song I wrote. The game is mainly a Walking Simulator with a few interactive Elements. I focused on dynamically transitioning between the different parts of the song based on the player position and the realtime positioning of the singing voice in the 3D space.

2017: Five Stages of a Composition

Five Stages of a Composition is the first Unity Project I did on my own. It’s purpose was mainly to get familiar with Unity and experimenting with different features of the engine, the animator, instantiation of objects and events that happen after a certain amount of time . The player walks through five abstract rooms with abstract soundscapes.

2016: Pitch Game

This is my first project with Unity ever. Me and my colleague Andreas Hammann made it during a Max/MSP Course. He was responsible for the pitch recognition via Max/MSP and I made the Game in Unity and the transfer of Data between those two programs.

If you still have time, you might also take a look at my compositions at the bottom of the page.